Welcome to Oak Tree Pediatrics and More, a unique blend of Pediatrics and Family Practice.  We strive to provide children and their families with comprehensive quality medical care in a warm and friendly environment. Our three Pediatricians, Drs. Spadaro, Spinner, and Weisz are knowledgeable and experienced and have been practicing locally in Thousand Oaks for many years, enjoying excellent reputations in the community. A visit to Oak Tree can be a time saving one stop shop for all the family’s routine medical care needs.  Come in and visit our office and meet the family! 



What is “and More”?

Oak Tree Pediatrics and More is a unique private practice in Ventura County combining three pediatricians with a family physician within the same office.  This means that parents can be seen at the same location as their children for medical care and that teenagers can easily transition their medical care into adulthood in an environment where  they are comfortable and with doctors that know their history.


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